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Lesson Description:

 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday sessions available. The premise will be a “come as you are” lesson format. This means you will bring whatever materials you have on hand and I will help you explore those materials and get the best out of them. I can also recommend new materials if interested. Please leave a brief message on the sign up form stating the skill level you are at, what you are hoping to learn and what materials you have available to you! If you are signing up for your child, please state their age as well.  Half hour sessions are offered for more general art advice and one hour sessions are available for more in depth instruction!

Depending on skill level and materials being used, you will be learning the basics of:

  • Line/mark making

  • Form

  • Shading

  • Blending

  • Color theory and color mixing

  • One on one critique of your work is also an option if you would prefer that to a lesson.

Age restrictions: Lessons offered to adults and children ages 12 and up.


                   Please read the below policies before signing up, by signing up you are agreeing to these policies.

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